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A native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Bo's fire to push boundaries and challenge the status quo have guided him to academic, professional, physicial and personal heights.  He began his career in finance as a Research Fellow at the Financial Accounting Standards Board and then transitioned to being an investment banker in corporate finance for J.P. Morgan.  It was during his time on Wall Street that he started an around the world journey to climb the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on every continent, which he completed with Mount Everest in 2007.  


Having tackled some of the world's the highest peaks, Bo next decided to explore the challenges of entrepreneurship.  He and a partner started a successful real estate company, Iconic Development, which specialized in environmentally friendly development.  Bo is currently a Principal and the Chief Investment Officer of Jumar Management, an investment management firm focused on niche strategies and sectors for family offices.


Bo is an active philanthropist and innovator in the area of social entrepreneurship.  In 2004, in conjunction with Explorers Club, Bo established the Seven Summits Awards Program that rewards top students with grants to perform healthcare-related field research. In 2013 Bo founded Denali Venture Philanthropy to formally fuse his love of business with his desire to support positive change in the world.


Bo holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Michigan, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Chicago’s Northwestern University, and a BS in Economics from Colorado State University.  He is a published author including, Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits and They Lived To Tell The Tale: True stories of Modern Adventure from the Legendary Explorers Club.

Meredith is a passionate philanthropist and entrepreneur.  She has served as a financial advisor for High Net Worth Families, as the Chief Operating Officer for a hedge fund and also as the Director of Marketing for two different social ventures in the financial services space. 


While earning her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in 2007, Meredith was a leader in a groundbreaking partnership between Northwestern University and the Gates Foundation to develop low cost HIV diagnostics for developing countries. After extensive product development work and field research in East Africa, she transitioned to full time employment as a Global Product Manager for a leading HIV drug.  As a part of her work in Africa and other developing countries she designed and implemented an award winning program that trained more than 3,000 doctors in advanced HIV/AIDS topics. She also founded a toy library at the Tshwaranang Orphan Center in Johannesburg, RSA.  


In 2012, after moving back to Boulder, Colorado, Meredith jettisoned her start-up, financial services and marketing experience to various entrepreneural activities including work on affordable housing, real estate development, investment management and impact investing at Denali Venture Philanthropy.


In addition to her MBA, from the Kellogg School of Management, Meredith holds a BA in Political Science from Northwestern University.  She is a British American Project 2009, Fellow, nominated for and selected to participate in an annual international conference around sustainability and global resource limitations.

Growing up in a low-income community in rural Ohio, Ada was told that education is a phase of life that one enters and moves through before moving on to other things.  Through curiousity, determination and a "walk your own path" attitude, she discovered that actually education is a ticket to greater opportunity. Her experiences teaching children in various settings around the world, including in Ecuador, in low income neighborhoods in Massachusetts and among the nations elite in Washington DC, showed her that access to high quality education was not only unequal, but that unskilled teaching methods could be crippling to an entire community.


Ada’s early work galvanized her as a teacher, an innovator and a champion for children’s fundamental right to learn. She developed a belief that education isnt a phase of life, it is a way of life. Her experiences fueled a personal love of learning which culminated in a BA in Education from Smith College and a MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado. Ada’s extensive academic research explored the ways that individuals connect to their surroundings- to people, to things, and to their environment. Through research grants and partnerships Ada worked with school programs to strengthen curriculum around science and natural environments, literacy and language, and information to help parents connect with community resources.


In her role as Director of Education and Special Programs at Denali Venture Philanthropy, Ada is motivated to continue her research and work by expanding Denali’s impact into early education, and by strengthening Denali’s programming around impact investing for young people.