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Denali Venture Philanthropy is an organization that supports advocacy and education around impact investing and funds entrepreneurs who are committed to social change. The fund was established to honor and build upon a family legacy of philanthropy by interpreting the legacy in a modern and innovative framework.  


Denali Venture Philanthropy was founded on the principle that all people are connected.  The universality of the human experience motivates us to improve the lives of others by contributing time, effort, skills and capital to this mission.  Our philosophy is that market forces can, if implemented correctly and fairly, act as a strong mechanism for addressing significant global issues like raising education levels, improving access to quality healthcare, decreasing poverty and protecting the environment.

The name, Denali, refers to the tallest mountain in North America, a majestic peak that poses many challenges and the opportunity for a luminous summit.

Our philosophy

Denali Venture Philanthropy is a hybrid entrepreneurial and social venture; blending the two disciplines to promote positive, creative, sustainable improvements in people's lives.  DVP follows a measured due diligence approach to investing in various forms of impact assets and socially minded ventures.  Denali uses well established portfolio fundamentals to make debt and equity investments in for-profit companies, non-profit organizations and social impact funds.

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